Sunday, November 23, 2008

Geography 101: Saxe-Waldorf

Saxe-Waldorf, Hofmeister Wolfgang von Stadtler-Waldorf
Capital: Waldorff
Principal exports: walking sticks, carved wood
Units: The Waldorf Waldjaegers, commanded by Major Holzhacker


Capt Bill said...

I definitely like this flag rather that the red lion with the monkey face!

abdul666 said...

(an English lion, no doubt)

Whatever the unit Saxe-Waldorf will field, it is likely to be in a light blue and white / silver uniform. Such combination can be very pleasant.

Btw, is Hesse-Pfeffernüsse contiguous to a country with sausages and cooked pork as its main exports? Then a border town between the two would produce the best saucisson brioché (salevoy in brioche) and pâté en croûte (meat pie) of the League...

abdul666 said...

Btw, Fritz, besides the Untersee Horse Marines, does not Ober-Umlaüt field an unit of Grenadiers?

Frankfurter said...

looks like a natural source for jaegers, pioneers, and light dragoons ...

Bluebear Jeff said...

This one should look great flying over some brave lads.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks, men!
I redid the Saxe-Goldberg flag.
Jean-Louis, thanks for the reminder about the Umlaut Grenadiers! So far I only have the two minis for that unit.
Jaegers and light dragoons might sound like a good possibility for Saxe-Waldorf. I could use more light troops and it does look like a good source for such.