Friday, November 21, 2008

Geography 101: Hesse-Pfeffernüsse

Hesse-Pfeffernüsse, Graf Hansel von Pfeffernüssen
Capital: Pfeffernüsse
Principal exports: baked goods
Units: The Jägers zu Pfeffernüsse, commanded by Colonel Eric von Strüdelheim


Martin said...

Baked goods?! Breads, sweet rolls, strudels, cookies, pies, and cakes. Is there such a thing as a skinny Hesse-Pfeffernusseian?
I can see how this place would rate pretty high on the campaign list of places to occupy/garrison,
requisition/levy, raid/sack, etc. as circumstances require.

abdul666 said...

Indeed, Martin -so much the more as Hesse-Pfeffernusseians are perhaps too fat for military service: no contribution to the Peaceful League Self-Defense Force, seemingly? Otherwise, the previous project of 'blue & white' uniform (left) would fit with the flag.

Fitz-Badger said...

Actually, now that you mention it I suppose Pfeffernussians are sort of Hobbit-like in their outlook on life. But they do hunt (venison pot pie, anyone?). And I am in need of some light infantry so I am informed by reliable sources that there are the Jaegers zu Pfeffernusse.
In any of these posts the list of units is not exhaustive, it just includes the ones I know of at the time. I reserve the right to go back and add more info as it becomes known to me. ;-)