Sunday, September 2, 2012

NNW Patrol, part 1

The patrol, as described in the previous 2 posts, sets out from the fort. Just 1 day out they are attacked by 2 bands of Hillmen on horseback. Each band consists of 5 extras and 1 leader.
The leader of band 1 is Ali Baba, leader: scuffle 14, shoot 13, save 11
Obviously a well-seasoned fighter, excellent at close combat and shooting.
The leader of band 2 is Aka Akbar, leader: scuffle 12, shoot 13, save 10
Only a little less intimidating than Ali Baba.

Using a mix of regular GASLIGHT and Battles by GASLIGHT rules from the Compendium the battle played out as follows.
Apologies for the fuzzy pictures! I didn't realize I had the flash of until later. Call it "fog of war".

Turn 1
Scouts spotted the approaching tribesmen and the column was able to deploy quickly. I rolled 1 die, 50/50 chance to spot the approach. If they had failed the patrol would've had to remain in column until their first turn.

The Woostershires got off the first volley as band 1, led by Ali Baba, arrived within long range of their muskets. The first and only hit was against Ali Baba, but he made his save. Then Lt. Berite and Sgt. Basset fire. Sgt, Basset hits Ali Baba again, but this time the hillman leader fails his save and is struck dead.
In return the band of hillmen pass their morale roll and return fire, but score no hits.
The Highlanders also fire at band 1, but score no hits. These rounds of firing are all at long range, which halves the chance of hits.

Meanwhile, band 2 fires at the Ballyfoole Hussars, killing 2, including Lt. O'Toole, who fails his save.

Turn 2

The Hussars pull back behind the infantry to regroup.
Band 2 moves in towards the Woostershire Musketeers. The Woostershire Musketeers fire at band 2, scoring 2 hits at close range now.Lt. Bertie and Sgt. Basset also fire at band 2, with the Sgt. scoring a hit.
The Highlanders fire at band 1, scoring no hits. Lt. MacCaber and Sgt. MacGowan each score 1 hit on band 1. Band 1 fails its morale roll and runs away, its movement taking the remaining hillmen of that band off the table.

Turn 3
The Highlanders swing around to flank band 2 of the hillmen. As does Captain Flynn.
The Woostershires fire at band 2, killing 1 hillman. Captain Cholmonderleigh fires and hits Aka Akbar, but the hillman leader makes his save.
Band 2 fails their morale throw and fire and random. Aka Akbar fires at the Woostershires and kills i extra.

Turn 4
The Highlanders fire at band 2, scoring 3 hits. Aka Akbar fails his save and the last hllman is killed, ending the fight.

Final tally: 3 mounted hillmen survive to join the next encounter. 2 Ballyfoole Hussars and 1 Woostershire Musketeer are dead.

By luck of the die the sergeants made more hits than most of the officers.

A quick little action which altogether took well under 2 hours, even with time for taking notes and pictures and leafing through the rulebook and all. With greater familiarity of the rules (and maybe a quick reference sheet for the firing/combat tables and morale) something like could be played out in less than an hour I reckon.

One last picture that came out a bit sharper. A parting shot if you will.

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