Monday, September 3, 2012

NNW Patrol, part 3

Meanwhile, back at the outpost...

We cut back to the outpost as the local hillmen start their attack prior to the relief patrol arriving.

The forces at the outpost:
In overall command - Captain Whillikers, hero: scuffle 15, shoot 16, save 13
The balance of the Ballyfoole Dragoons, 3 extras: scuffle 9, shoot 9
Lt. Flanagan, leader: scuffle 10, shoot 7, save 9
Sgt. McCormac, veteran: scuffle 6, shoot 9, save 7 (Is the sergeant getting a little up there in years? Or maybe he's a little too fond of his Irish whiskey? His scuffle isn't very good.)
The Psmithshire Muskets, 6 extras: scuffle 9, shoot 9
Lt. Hyde-Psmith, leader: scuffle 13, shoot 9, save 8
Sgt. Psmythe, veteran: scuffle 5, shoot 9, save 7 (An even worse scuffle. hmm, sergeants "ain't" what they used to be, eh?)
Famous American adventurer/explorer, Captain Spaulding, adventurer: scuffle 11, shoot 12, save 13

In all cases, characters were rolled up on the tables in GASLIGHT.

Native forces:
1 unit of mounted hillmen, 4 extras: scuffle 10, shoot 7
Commanded by Abu, adventurer: scuffle 12, shoot 11, save 11
His lieutenant, Yusuf, leader: scuffle 12, shoot 12, save 15 (Now we're talking! Too bad he's with the enemy.)
3 bands of hillmen on foot, 6 extras each: scuffle 10, shoot 7
Leader of band 1, Kasim, leader: scuffle 8, shoot 12, save 6
His lieutenant, Nadir, veteran: scuffle 8, shoot 9, save 10
Leader of band 2, Omar, leader: scuffle 8, shoot 8, save 10
His lieutenant, Jamal, veteran: scuffle 9, shoot 6, save 6
Leader of band 3, Haroun, leader: scuffle 7, shoot 9, save 11
His lieutenant, Jabbar, veteran: scuffle 7, shoot 9, save 9
And finally, the three mounted hillmen from the previous encounter, all extras: scuffle 10, shoot 7
I realize these are Arabic names, but I didn't have quick access to more suitable names if any.

To keep the post from being too long this part will cover the battle up until the arrival of the relief patrol on turn 6. I'm having them arrive on turn 6 because it took them 6 days to arrive. I know it's not a one to one time relationship. It's just a device to tie together the journey of the relief patrol to their arrival at the outpost.

Turn 1

Hillmen are spotted approaching the outpost from the woods to the northwest, the rocky ground to the southeast, and among the crags to the northeast. The woods and rocky ground are at a normal distance from the outpost and halve the movement of figures only within them. The mountains are more distant. It takes 1 turn to reach the foot of the mountains, and halves the move rate of figures moving away from the foot. A house rule I just made up to "telescope" the distances on the tabletop.

Turn 2
As the hillmen move in towards the fort the Psmithshires fire at the first band in the woods, killing 2 extras.

Turn 3
As the hillmen approach a flurry of shots ring out all around, but it's all at long range and no hits are scored.

Turn 4
Things start to heat up as the first band of hillmen reach the walls, as does the small band of 3 mounted hillmen. The latter encounter a strong volley from the dismounted dragoons and Lt. Flanagan, destroying the small band. The Psmithshires fire at band 1 at the walls, killing 1 and striking the leader, but he makes his save. Captain Spaulding also fires at band 1, bringing down another extra.
The main band of mounted hillmen charge the Dragoons, killing 1.

Turn 5
The dragoons fight back against the mounted hillmen. Lt. Flanagan hits the leader, Abu, but Abu saves. In return the mounted band strikes back, Abu kills 1 extra, Yusuf hits Lt. Flanagan, but the lieutenant makes his save. Captain Whillikers hits Abu, but again the tough hillman leader emerges unscathed.
Band 1 of the foot hillmen attack the Psmithshires, but score no hits. Band 2 reaches the walls. The Psmithshires fight back against band 1, killing all of the remaining hillmen in that band.

Turn 6
The patrol can be seen arriving to the west. It will take them a little time to reach the outpost. They're placed on the tabletop, but can't move or fire this turn.
The mounted hillmen continue their fight against the dismounted dragoons, killing all except for Lt. Flanagan who makes his save. Both Abu and Yusuf also hit Lt. Flanagan, but again he makes his saves. Captain Whillikers kills one mounted hillman.
Band 3 of foot hillmen reaches the walls unopposed, and attack the Psmithshires, killing 1 extra. The Psmithshires fight back, killing 3. Lt. Hyde-Psmith kills another. And Captain Spaulding kills the leader of band 3. Band 2 of foot hillmen get inside the walls and attack the Psmithshires, killing 2 more.

to be continued...


Bluebear Jeff said...

Hopefully the reinforcements will help save the day.

-- Jeff

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Great stuff! I love those hills!